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Yuri Djachenko is an Australian – Estonian professional violinist/violist.  As a practitioner, researcher and authority on Géza Szilvay’s Colourstrings pedagogy and methodology, Yuri is well-known as known as a violin/viola teacher of young beginners, many of whom have developed into fine artists on their instruments.  During the 1990s, Yuri researched English Bowmakers for his Masters Degree Thesis as a formalisation of a long-standing interest.  More than two decades later, this paper continues to attract interest from bowed stringed instrumentalists, bowmakers, collectors, instrument dealers and auction houses throughout the world.  Yuri has developed a life-long interest in violins and instruments from the violin family and their bows, and has been buying and selling instruments and bows for more than thirty years.

Sally-Ann Djachenko is a British – Australian professional violinist whose career extends to 29 countries. A former member of the European Union Chamber Orchestra, she was second violinist in the Bingham Quartet for five years.  Sally-Ann has also been a member of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.  For several years in London, Sally-Ann was Concertmaster/Soloist in the orchestra at All Souls Langham Place founded by conductor Noël Tredinnick, who remains a valued mentor, friend and professional referee.  In Brisbane, Sally-Ann has been a long-standing member of Camerata – Queensland’s Chamber Orchestra, with whom she has been a soloist on several occasions.

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