18th century violin labelled Carcassi

Labelled Carcassi – being sold as Circle of David Hopf.


The estate of a professional player from Holland who moved to Australia and being sold on behalf of her family.  She bought the instrument from Jan and Frederick Lindeman in Amsterdam who declared it by Carcassi as per the label.  However, recent opinion in London is divided as to whether it is even Italian, with suggestion it may be Klingenthal school.  While it was being restored by Helge Grawert, the table was off the instrument, and internally we discovered it bears characteristics of work of the Hopf family.  Therefore we are selling it not as a Carcassi but as Circle of David Hopf.  The violin is awaiting photography and then a dendrochronology report to establish the growth ring years of the table.  The price will be determined when the instrument is ready and more certainty obtained as to where, when and by whom it may have been originally made.  It will be sold with the Jan W Lindeman bridge (not fitted).  Set up by Helge Grawert with Thomastik Infeld Red strings.

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