7/8 size new KG VL100 violin


7/8 violin also includes a good 7/8 oblong case.


7/8 violins are often useful for those players who have grown out of a 3/4 size violin but whose slender physique may not yet be ready for a 4/4 (full size) violin.

The KG VL100 model is the next highest increment in quality, specifically in terms of tonewood and varnish.  We like the KG instruments as they represent outstanding quality and consistency.  It is always possible to set these instruments up so that they not only sound well, but are very easy to play.

This new instrument has been set up by Yuri Djachenko and David Patterson with Thomastik Infeld Blue strings using an Despiau bridge.  It comes with a good oblong specially fitting 7/8 oblong case.  A bow is not included but can be bought separately (from $58).  Purchasers of 7/8 violins prefer to choose a bow corresponding to their playing level while also factoring in their budget.

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