A. E. Smith viola

A. E. Smith viola


Labelled Arthur E Smith Sydney Faciebat Anno 1963.  Further handwritten on the label: D. ANNi 83 which indicates the instrument was made when Smith was 83 years old.  Brescian model.


Few would argue that Arthur Edward Smith (1880 – 1978) is the most important violinmaker in the history of the craft in this Australia.  From his post-stroke era, this viola certainly reinforces the widely held opinion that despite the rough workmanship of the violas from this period, they sound surprisingly good.  This instrument was consigned to us by the estate of a professional violist who bought it new from the maker.  Lightly renovated by Helge Grawert, it is in very good condition and retains all of its original fittings apart from the tailgut and the bridge (we are unsure if the soundpost was Smith’s).  Set up by Helge Grawert with Evah Pirazzi strings, it will also be sold with the original A. E. Smith bridge as an accessory (it does not sound so good with Smith’s original bridge).

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