A. E. Smith violin

A. E. Smith violin


A. E. Smith’s 160th instrument, the Emperor Strad model of November 1956


Arthur Edward Smith (1880 – 1978) is the most important craftsman in the history of the violin in Australia.  The finest A. E. Smith violin we have ever seen, this instrument was consigned to us by the estate of a professional violinist active in London and New Zealand who was its second owner.  In splendid condition, this violin was recently fitted with a new fingerboard and A peg by Helge Grawert, and set up by him with Vision Titanium strings.  It will also be sold with the original Smith peg, and fingerboard, and with a bridge by Etienne Vatelot (too low for continued use), and comes with extensive correspondence between A. E. Smith and the first owner, and between the first and second owners.

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