Antonio Lechi violin

Antonio Lechi violin


Labelled fecit Cremona 1923 and signed.


Instruments labelled Antonio Lechi were made in the Claudio Monteverdi workshop in Cremona.  It is curious that most of them we have seen (in Australia, New Zealand and Europe) are dated 1923, yet they look like they were made during the 1930s.  A likely reason for this conundrum is because the import taxation rules in the UK changed during the interwar period, to protect local manufacture, and new instruments imported from the Continent attracted a higher rate than old secondhand ones.  Lechi instruments are well liked by those dealers selling them, and this one conforms exactly to the many we have seen.  This violin was consigned to us for sale by a lady who had owned the instrument since she was a child.  Set up by Yuri Djachenko & David Patterson with Obligato strings, it is in very good original condition, and is a bargain price for an Italian violin.

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