Benedikt Lang violin

Benedikt Lang violin


Made in Mittenwald in 1976.


The Lang family were a dynasty of violinmakers from Luby, now in the Czech Republic yet less than 10km from Mittenwald across the border.  Benedikt was born in Luby in 1893 but died in Mittenwald in 1975.  Curiously this violin is dated 1976 so we may presume that it was finished by a family member.  This is clearly a very well made instrument, but is priced because of provenance and market forces, not because of intrinsic workmanship and quality of materials.  Bought new in Sydney by the previous owner, a professional violist who needed a violin for teaching, we are handling the instruments from her estate on behalf of her family.  In excellent original condition, it has been set up by Yuri Djachenko and David Patterson, with Evah Pirazzi Gold strings.

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