Cello 4/4 Gewa Chinese from the late 1990s

Cello 4/4 Gewa Chinese from the late 1990s


Price shown transparently includes Recommended Retail prices of cello without fittings + bridge blank + setup labour + strings.  If needed we can supply a basic bow (may be secondhand) and a secondhand good condition TG lightweight case with wheels at no extra charge.



A refurbished second-hand cello which was originally supplied to the German Gewa firm from its then Chinese workshop, circa 1996.  This cello works surprisingly well, and was used by a young friend who now as an undergraduate student interstate, has a specially commissioned cello from Geigenbaumeister Helge Grawert.  When set up well like this one, these instruments are so easy to play and sound so good they can be considered satisfactory B grade professional level instruments.   This cello is set up by John Simmers with Larsen strings.

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