Giulio Degani violin

Giulio Degani violin


Made in Venice in 1903.


This violin is very typical of Giulio Degani’s work before he left Venice for the USA, and a classic example of the Degani family workshop.  The previous owner acquired it from a family in rural south-western New South Wales, where it had been unused for more than 50 years.  In extraordinary well-preserved condition, the violin retains its original pegs, tailpiece, and characteristic Degani fingerboard.  It is incredibly light-weight – as a slightly-built professional violinist Giulio Degani clearly understood the need for an instrument that was easy to handle.  After having had a light restoration in London to deal with minor varnish Craquelure, it received an additional varnish tidy-up by Helge Grawert, who also set it up, with Obligato strings.  One of the best sounding Deganis we have ever enjoyed, it is priced because of its sound and its amazing original condition.

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