Henry Francis Lewis violin

Henry Francis Lewis violin


Made in Sydney in 1920.


Henry Francis Lewis was born in Lambeth in London in 1863, and came to Australia during the 1880s, probably to Sydney, although he moved back and forth to and from Melbourne before finally settling in Sydney, where he died in 1924.  One reference says that he worked with John Devereux in Melbourne, and this violin bears many similarities to the early John Devereux violin that we currently have.  This instrument has significant wear and tear for a violin that is only 100 years old, and has had a hard life, so is priced accordingly.  Lightly restored and set up by Helge Grawert with Thomastik Infeld Red strings, it is a powerful instrument, and will be appreciated by a player seeking a good sound in this price range – if it were in mint condition the price would be substantially higher.

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