KG VC80 Cello 4/4

KG VC80 Cello 4/4


Price includes Recommended Retail prices of equivalent current model cello without fittings + bridge blank + setup labour + strings.  If needed we can supply a basic bow (may be secondhand) and a secondhand good condition TG lightweight case with wheels at no extra charge.


A new full-size entry level cello from the workshop of KG Instruments which in our opinion, produces the best new workshop instruments from China.  In our experience, these represent excellent value for money, and of the dozens we have taken into stock, set up and sold, none has given any problems whatsoever.  Inexpensive enough for children to use at school, when set up well like this one, they sound so good they can be used professionally.  This cello is set up by David Patterson and Yuri Djachenko with Thomastik Spirocore strings.

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