Mathias Thomä violin bow

Mathias Thomä violin bow


Silver mounted, ebony frog with Parisian eyes, 3-piece silver & ebony button with pearl cap, silver wire lapping, octagonal stick originally stamped MATHIAS THOMÄ * * 61.3 grams


Although Thomä were a well-reputed bowmaking dynasty in Germany, the family had no bowmaking member named Mathias.  Mathias Thomä is in fact a trade name used by Roderich Paesold GbR, originally for their top lines of bows.  This is the finest silver-mounted bow from the Paesold workshop that we have ever seen, with playing characteristics and sound to match that will be well appreciated for the price.  Consigned to us by a retired violin teacher who bought it new, this was her favourite bow, and has had considerable use.  The pearl eyes and pearl slide show wear and the stamp required much deciphering, however the bow is in otherwise very good condition, and is freshly rehaired with a new thumb leather.

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