Artiste second hand 4/4 violin – SOLD

An entry level violin suitable for an absolute beginner, or someone upgrading to a better instrument just above entry level.


A Korean mass-produced violin from the 1990s.  We like these as beginner or near-beginner student instruments.  They are not the most refined however they are as tough as old boots, and very rarely give any trouble.  They are able to sound quite good when set up well.  This one was a trade-in, and has been set up by Yuri Djachenko and David Patterson with very basic synthetic strings (the cheapest available).  Better quality strings can be fitted at cost, but for a beginner it makes economic sense to delay until one breaks.  It can be supplied with a serviceable second hand bow at no charge (providing one is in stock).  We gave away the case that came with this instrument, so it does not come with a case, but one can be purchased from $59.  We may be able to supply a serviceable second hand case at no charge but only if we have one in stock.

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