Vickers violin bow

Vickers violin bow


Gold mounted, ebony frog with Parisian eyes, original gold wire and imitation black whalebone lapping, round stick, stamped J.E. VICKERS, 61.9 grams


J. E. (Ted) Vickers (1924 – 2013) was an amateur maker of violins, violas and bows from his home in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, UK.  While his work was not the most precise, he priced his instruments and bows very modestly.  Although I knew almost every UK bowmaker alive since 1995, sadly I didn’t meet nor even converse on the telephone with Ted.  However, all our acquaintances who knew him all describe him as one of the least pretentious, most genuinely sincere and charming people they have known.   This bow was bequeathed to us by a generous and kind-hearted mentor now no longer with us whom we had helped greatly over the years but whose repeated offers of payment we steadfastly refused to accept!

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