W. E. Hill & Sons violin bow by Johnston / Copley

W. E. Hill & Sons violin bow by Johnston / Copley


Violin bow, round stick stamped W. E. HILL & SONS, with silver rings surrounding pearl eyes with the tortoiseshell frog seated on the stick in routed channels in the Hill style without a metal liner, silver button, silver wire lapping, weight 60.1 grams.  The stick was made by William Grieve Johnston (1860 – 1944), the frog by Arthur Henry Copley (1901 – 76), and the button and screw probably by Berkeley William Dyer (1855 – 1936).  Apart from the silver wire lapping (the original would have been whalebone), everything else is original.



This bow made in 1936 is very much a player’s bow rather than a collector’s bow in that it presents in well-worn but serviceable condition (with damage repair to the tortoiseshell and to the stick at the handle).  It has been consigned to us for sale from a long-term player owner who is a colleague and friend.  As is typical of interwar tortoiseshell mounted bows from the W. E. Hill & Sons firm, the bow makes a sweet, clear sound.  The bow has been freshly rehaired and has a new thumb leather fitted by Jim Ellender.

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