Instrument brokerage

Do you have a violin, viola, cello or bow that you are considering selling?  Are you unsure of its current market value?  Does the instrument need repairs?  Is there need for a clear plan of action on how to proceed with organising its sale?

We have assisted many clients in selling their instruments, whether a $400 student instrument or a $400,000 17th Century Cremonese master instrument.

In certain circumstances, we may offer to buy an instrument outright.  For very valuable instruments, depending upon the needs of the Vendor, it can be useful to consign the instrument to auction in London.  However we usually offer to sell the instrument on consignment, and in these situations we act like a Real Estate Agent, representing the Vendor rather than the buyer client.

We have also assisted benevolent clients wishing to donate or lend their instruments to needy young players and charitable institutions.

Please contact us for a free no-obligation appraisal.

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